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Delivering indoor air quality solutions to the exacting requirements of today's marketplace is a challenge many companies aspire to, but few actually achieve. A combination of health & safety regulation, onerous environmental considerations, and an ever more demanding client base means that the problems posed are enormous. This scenario is further exacerbated by the myriad of applications which must be catered for, and the unique factors of each situation.

However, at King Air Distribution, we have risen to the challenge and have successfully championed an innovative approach to devising indoor air quality solutions. We have established market-leading portfolios which boast premier international brands, vast experience, and unrivalled technological know-how. KAD management and staff bring a combined 50 years experience in Air Management. We offer establised Branded solutions together with our 'Tailored' bespoke solutions.

If you do not recognise the solution you need, please call one of our experienced team to discuss the issue and review their suggested solution.